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What is a Career Development Facilitator (CDF)?

A Career Development Facilitator (CDF) is a person who has been specially trained to work with students and adults to assist with vocational and educational planning.

These trained paraprofessionals may work in a variety of career development settings, including:

  • schools
  • workforce development offices
  • corporations
  • community agencies
  • offender pre-release centers
  • libraries
  • military settings
  • outplacement firms

CDFs are prepared to work in many occupations which make use of varying skills and which satisfy many different interests and work values. Some possible jobs that a CDF might hold include:

  • career group facilitator
  • job search trainer
  • career resource center coordinator
  • career coach
  • career development case manager
  • intake interviewer
  • occupational and labor market information resource person
  • human resource career development coordinator
  • employment/placement specialist
  • workforce development staff person

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